Dance Coaches

Miriam Watkins

Coach Miriam Watkins

Miriam is one of the founders of Tallahassee Salsa Dancers dance team. She is the founder and organizer of Tallahassee Latin Dance Festival and Studio D. She started her latin dance career taking classes at American Legion. After several years of classes, she found an appreciation for latin dance. Dance became her therapy when her best friend passed and when she became the sole caregiver of her father. She found that partner dancing was her getaway. When she traveled to New York, her first visit was to Eddie Torres’ studio. After that, she transitioned to New Your style salsa. Her speciality is teaching students how to connect to the music while dancing. Tallahassee Salsa Dancers leads the latin dance classes at Studio D.



Ballet Coach

Bryanna Dean

Bryanna Dean

Bryanna Dean grew up going to dance classes at a recreational studio, almost every other day for eight years. From that point on, it became a clear path at which she followed eagerly and curiously. She went to summer intensives, such as George Mason University and American Dance Festival. There she studied choreography and composition of modern and ballet dance. She is studying BFA in Dance at Florida State University in hopes to become an educator in the art form. 

Hip Hop Coaches

Darren photoDarren Wade

Darren “4Play” Wade. Originally from Philadelphia, Mr. Wade began his training in the neighborhood of West Philadelphia, as he joined a local dance group called Pure Talent. There, he learned different forms of hip hop and slowly made a name for himself. He eventually expanded his language of the arts, and trained at Philadanco under the legendary Joan Myer Brown’s daughter, Denise Brown. There he would grasp the concept of tap and the exposure to ballet, modern, and jazz funk. At, Florida A&M University, he joined the infamous Strikers and held executive board positions including Rehearsal Director and Company Manager. Mr. Wade was granted a scholarship from Ikonic Dance Convention that allowed him to train under, Travis Payne, Aakomon Jones, Laureann Gibson, Brian Friedman, Chuck Maldonado, Othan Burnside, Michael Silas, Dondraico Johnson, Tony Tzar, Sayquon Keys, Laure Courtellemont, Josh Allen, Antoine Troupe, Amari Marshall, Lyle Beniga, Sean “FRE$H” Redding, Devin Solomon, Josh Williams, Marc Marvelous, Codie Wiggins, Quincy Lamar, Smart Mark, C.J. Salvador, Alex Febroth, KiKi Ely, Sakinah Lestage, Sean Bankhead, Denzel Chisolm, Hollywood, and Calvit Harris. Highly spirited, highly motivated, and highly gifted; Mr. Wade has dedicated his life in developing dancers, encouraging many to follow their dreams.

Krystin Roker

Krystin Roker

Krystin Roker is college student from Port St. Lucie, Fl. As a fourth year senior attending FAMU, Krystin has decided that  it is very important to share her love of dance with the Tallahassee community. She has been consistently involved in dance programs since the age of 12 and has taken the choreographer role for many different organizations throughout the state of Florida.  During her time here in Tallahassee, Krystin has become a member of Mahogany Dance Theatre and Faces Modeling Troupe. Krystin hopes to inspire as many people as she can with her gift as a dancer and will continue to grow as a choreographer.


Maximo Oliveira

Maximo Oliveira is a junior at the Florida State University School of Dance. He has trained in a variety of styles, but loves the attack, commitment, and strength that the west coast Hip-Hop culture brings to dance. Maximo is greatly inspired by his experience training in LA at Millennium, Edge, and IDA with choreographers such as Willdabeast, Jojo Gomez, Hamilton Evans, and many more. He most recently attended Road to Buildabeast, Orlando where Willdabeast Adams granted him a scholarship to attend the four day intensive in LA over the summer. Maximo’s class will range from hard-hitting Hip-Hop, to sassy Jazz-Funk and will encourage his students to step out of their comfort zones, exude confidence, and feel secure with the unique style that EVERY dancer brings to the table. Maximo will incorporate videography into his class structure to prepare his students for dancing in front of the camera.  Let’s create a vibe!

 Zumba  Coach

BrandyBrandy “Juicey” Anderson White

Brandy is a Fitness Dance instructor who specialize in Zumba, Hip Hop, and Twerk.  She attended FAMU and dance and model professionally in college. She has been instructing for 6 years and comes up with her own choreography. She’s a wife and a mother of 3 so this is her way of letting loose. She help women get their sexy because she knows how hard it is especially being a naturally curvy woman herself.ndy “Juicey” Anderson White