Kizomba Bash

Kizomba Bash


Kizomba Bash is an afternoon of workshops and social dancing in Tallahassee, Florida.

Kizomba Workshops 3-6 pm (chose the workshops that fit your needs)

Social Dancing 10 pm- 1 am

KIZOMBA: Davidson from Kizflo is our Kizomba specialist. Kizflo is a Dance company focused on educating and promoting awareness of Kizomba, Kompa and Bachata. Davidson has come to Tallahassee every 3 months to get our dancers trained and comfortable with kizomba.



3 pm- 4 pm Kizomba For Beginners- Davidson

4 pm- 6 pm 2 Hour Kizomba Intermediate Patterns (must have taken a beginner course to attend)- Davidson


10 pm- 1 am Social dancing (mix of bachata, kizomba, salsa, and cha cha cha)


Early Bird Rates until 9/1/2018

$10 -Kizomba for Beginners with Davidson (one hour class only for those new to kizomba or those who need help on foundation) including social

$30 -3 Hour Kizomba with Davidson (includes Kizomba for Beginners and Kizomba Intermediate Patterns)- including social

$25- 2 Hour Kizomba Intermediate Patterns with Davidson- including social

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