Salsa 8 Week Cycles

Are you interested in learning one of the most popular latin dances? We would love for you to join our Salsa classes at Studio D.  Our salsa cycles are 8 weeks for our Basic Beginner sessions.  Our instructor is certified as a Santo Rico instructor.  Santo Rico is one of the oldest salsa dance companies out of New York.  Tomas Guerrero, the Director of Santo Rico Dance Company developed a training model that also includes spinning drills.

Our Basis Beginner classes focus on timing, fundamentals of  both partner dancing and open shines.    We organize makeup sessions for those that miss training classes but our clients are required to complete 8 weeks in order to move to the next level.   Contact us if you are interested in joining our cycles (  We have gift certificates available for our 8 week salsa cycles. Next cycle begins January 27th

Basic Beginner Salsa Class

Advanced Beginner (2)

We have gift certificates available for the 8 week salsa cycles. Contact us for details.


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