Sexy Diva Bootcamp





SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2016

There is nothing better than having confidence on the dance floor that reveals your inner strength with a little bit hotness. This is our 4th Annual Sexy Diva Bootcamp. It is a 2 part event. There are workshops during the day and parties at night. 


This boot camp is designed for those who want to develop their own style on the dance floor and improve their diva status. It has a special emphasis on styling fundamentals, spinning drills, body isolations, posture, open work, and last but not least attitude. This will incorporate movement, latin dance, burlesque, and hip hop. Our instructors are ladies who exemplify serious diva status on the floor and are coming to share what they know best!

The bootcamp is from 2-5 pm with inspirational messages throughout the event. This is a confidence booster, a workout, and a transformation process.

This entire event is open to men and women. Ladies, please bring heels. There is a workshop to show the proper usage of heels while dancing. After learning sexy styling all day, be prepared to jam out all night.

Come back later that night for the Break All Rules White Party from 10 pm-2 am. We will dance all night to bachata, cha cha cha, and salsa.

Men, we will honor you at the All White Party with a special contest for the Most Eligible Bachelor.

Call 850-339-8463 or email for more info

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