Tallahassee Touch





We are honored and excited to be chosen to be a part of the Touch Family. It is one of the largest Latin dance families in the World. This organization has over 1000 dancers worldwide and Tallahassee has been chosen to host a local Touch team. The Touch Team family is known for structure, organization, discipline, and support. 

Why should you join a Touch team? You can become a part of the largest Latin dance family in the World. Please watch the Touch Team Vision:

Island Touch has 2 seasons annually. Join us for our seasons

When you are a member of a Touch team, you…
• Receive training in Island Touch style & technique — fundamentals, musicality, footwork, partnerwork, styling for the Bachata Co Ed Team (fusion of modern & traditional) and Ladies Salsa team
Learn choreography by world-renowned dance couple, Jorge Burgos & Tanja Kensinger (Ataca & La Alemana) and/or World Salsa Champion, Delia Madera

• Perform at various socials & events in the Big Bend area (performing is optional; you may join on a training-only basis)
• Have many opportunities to share the stage with Touch teams from around the globe at national/international congresses & festivals

Contact us at tallahasseetouch@gmail.com if you are interested in joining our team.


Call 850-339-8463 or email tallahasseetouch@gmail.com for more info