About Us

Studio D is Tallahassee’s dance destination specializing in dance classes and social events that strive to fill up your passport for dance activities. Our goal is to unite the latin dance community by providing a place for dance classes, dance education, social dance events, and family fun. We help you stay active while you forget about working out.  It doesn’t feel like a work out task to complete when you are dancing.  You dance, stay fit, and have fun in the process.

Our primary focus is latin dance activities that help to encourage partner and solo dance opportunities that increase confidence, socialization, fitness, and overall well being. We teach you how to truly connect with a partner through dance. We incorporate other dance styles that provide techniques that improve the latin dance experience. This includes a special bootcamp  program that also develops techniques that improve the core needed to advance at higher levels of dancing.

We offer family friendly classes that are native to true cultural experiences. We strive to encourage an understanding of the origins of the dance that help you relate to cultures when you travel. We give you techniques that help improve any cruise or party experience on an international level.

We are the home for Tallahassee Salsa Dancers and our instructors are the best in the North Florida area.  We hope to spread the love of dance throughout this community.  Let Studio D be your Dance Destination and choose programs that best fit the needs of your family and be prepared for a good time.

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