Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Latin Dance Program

Do I need a partner?

No.  We alternate partners in our classes so you will have an opportunity to dance with multiple partners during the class. This enables you to develop techniques for leading and following.

What do I wear?

Dance shoes if you have them. Avoid rubber soled shoes which create traction. Please click here for  Ladies Dance Shoes and Men’s Dance Shoes    Also, wear comfortable clothes that will allow for movement.

What do I need to know for the class?

There are some classes that are part of a package program.  Those classes will require that you have mastered the techniques learned before moving to the next step. These 8 week classes repeat every 8 weeks so you will have a chance to jump in the program at the beginning of each 8 week cycle. However, we also have drop in classes that do not require progress levels.

Do I need to sign up for a class?

You must enroll in the 8 week salsa cycles. Those are not drop in classes.

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